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Davis, James Advance Appraisal & Consultants
Davis, Kathy Kathy P Davis Appraisals, Inc.
Dettling, Charles Dettling & Associates
Dickinson, Cindy The First ANBA
Dominy, Candy Baldwin County Revenue Comm
Downing, Madeleine Gaylord C. Lyon & Co.
Druhan, John Druhan Appraisal Company
Duggar, Betsy Alabama Appraisal Company
Enslen, Shannon SMP Appraisal Services
Eslava, Buddy ACG Baldwin, LLC
Faust, Teddy Baldwin County Revenue Comm
Gattozzi, Joe GVI Appraisals, Inc.
Green, G G Daniel Green & Associates
Grimes, Harold Alabama Ag Credit
Hall, Frederick MD Bell Company