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Friday, August 3, 2018

Dear BCAR Members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am very pleased to announce to you today, that you will be receiving access to RPR, an existing tool NAR provides, and it’s free for you to use.

Earlier this summer, BCAR Leaders, Board Members, the MLS Committee and many brokers gave two days of their time to attend the MLS Education Conference in Birmingham.  The conference was led by Marilyn Lund, a national consultant with the WAV Group.

This joint project with the Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Baldwin MLSs, commenced with a survey which was sent out to all brokers within that group.  In analyzing the results of this survey, we learned several key things that are critical to our profession.

Because the Real Estate industry is so internally fragmented, the traditional real estate model has become vulnerable to outside attack.  Third-party portals have become the tool of choice for consumers and agents, because they have the most complete and compiled data.  In Alabama, brokers/agents must join multiple MLS systems to best serve their clients and customers, thus creating disorder in the overlapping markets.  In addition, this overlap of information, has created ongoing problems with the display and duplication of data on IDX.  The bottom line is, broker margins are rapidly decreasing, and relief is necessary.  Collectively we all agreed to better prepare for the instability of the future, we could work stronger, together.

Our easiest and most cost-efficient step was to utilize the RPR database to share data between the five MLS groups. A critical part of this decision is that NO Compensation or Cooperation is part of the agreement between the five MLSs. We are only to sharing data, including “off market” data.  We are able to add this new feature with NO Additional Cost charged to BCAR members to start a data share process.

Our plans are to continue to work together towards a common set of rules and regulations, one IDX solution, single entry and an Alabama consumer facing website.  These will take time but let us know how RPR shared data works for your business. 


Troy Wilson

2018 BCAR President


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