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Local Government Update, April 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017 12:00 pm

 Daphne City Council Meeting - April 17

  •  Corporate Limits of Daphne Likely to Change

The council is awaiting the Governor's signature to re-arrange the corporate limits of Daphne.  The new limits will incorporate two Dollar General stores (County Road 13 and Highway 181), Chevron Gas Station in Malbis, and anapartment complex on Highway 181.

  •  City Requests Funds to Upgrade Corte Road

The city requested assistance from the county to upgrade Corte Road from County Road 13 to Highway 181.  The upgrade will alleviate traffic congestion near Bellaton and Dunmore subdivisions on Highway 181.  The city requests the county provide equipment and labor in grading the road, right of way acquisition, maintenance of road, and financial assistance of $200,000. Estimated cost of the entire project is $900,000.

  •  City of Daphne will lease its water tower for broadband equipment with Point Broadband.


Baldwin County Commission Meeting - April 18

  •  County Denies $200,000 Fund Request for Corte Road Upgrade but Provides Labor

The county voted unanimously to deny the request for $200,000 in financial assistance for the project. They voted unanimously to approve assisting the city of Daphne with personnel staff to acquire right-of-ways. They approved by a 3 -1 vote to assist the city of Daphne with the use of grading equipment and personnel, and maintenance of the road, with Commissioner Frank Burt being the only "no" vote.

  •  Broadband Access to Expand

The county approved a lease agreement with Point Broadband to allow rental of space on County vertical assets to place equipment to increase broadband access to parts of the County.

  •  Two Re-Zoning Requests Denied
  1. To change five acres from Rural Agriculture (RA) to Rural District (RR) in an effort to allow a powder coating business to remain. The business started without prior zoning approval and neighbors complained.
  2. To change 3.5 acres from Residential Single Family Estate (RSFE) to RR in an effort to allow an HVAC business to remain.  The business started without prior zoning approval and neighbors complained.
  •  Two Re-Zoning Requests Approved
  1. To re-zone a property on County Road 68 on the west side of Baldwin Beach Express near Interstate 10, from RA to B-4 (Major Commercial District) to allow a gas station.
  2. To re-zone .8 acres from RSF-2 (Single Family District) to B-2 (Neighborhood Business District) to allow a restaurant.

 Click here for a list of Baldwin County Zoning Explanations and Permitted Uses


Foley Planning Commission - April 19

  •  The commission made recommendations to the mayor and council to consider re-zoning for the following, all which passed unanimously:

             19 acres from R-1C to PUD, on the southwest corner of County Road 24 and North Juniper Street, to be used as an RV park

             32 acres from R-2 to PUD, between Bay Street and Poplar Street and south of Michigan Avenue, which will be 19 duplex units

             Ledgewick Unit One 12.19 acres and 30 lots. Applicant is Magnolia Land Company, which requested PUD modification


Fairhope City Council  - April 24

  •  Mayor's Request Denied for Two New City Departments

The council passed a six-month budget, but it excluded the mayor's request for a new department of economic development and community affairs.

  •  Hiring Freeze Lifted

The council lifted a hiring freeze in the city after complaints by the mayor that city services would suffer due to short staffing.

  •  Council Overrides Mayor's Veto on Fly Creek Apartment Site Plan Extension

The council previously voted, by a 4-1 margin, to allow the developer and Mr. Corte an extension on the deadline to file a new site plan. Mayor Wilson presented the council with evidence of a "gifted" deed of over three acres of wetlands by Mr. Corte to the city. The deed, recorded on Oct. 21, 2016, was prior to the council's vote on the measure. A map of the property was not included at the time on even though there was a reference to an "exhibit A"¯ which did not exist. The mayor accused the previous administration and council of a cover up. The mayor also expressed concern over the city's liability in owning this parcel of wetlands in an environmentally sensitive area. The council then voted by a 4-1 margin to override the mayor's veto and allow the developer and Mr. Corte the extension. Councilman Conyers was the only "no"¯ vote.


Fairhope Planning Commission - April

  •  Senior Living Community Gets Approved

A 48-unit multiple occupancy senior living community received conditional approval. Property is zoned R-5 and is located on Bishop Road, north of Fairhope Intermediate School. There are still some issues with the drainage techniques, and the item is on the agenda again for the May 1 meeting.