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Local Government Update, June 2017

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Baldwin County Planning & Zoning – June 1

  • Re-zoning recommended to allow landscape and nursery activities 


    • Re-zoning of 1.12 acres from RSF-1 (single family) to RA (rural agriculture) to allow landscape and nursery activities on the property, which is located on the south side of U.S. Highway 98, across from Lipscomb Road in Foley. The applicant intends to live on the property and buy, grow, and sell a new species of climbing bamboo from south Florida.
  • Variances to County Subdivision Regulations approved for RV ParksStyx River RV Resort, located on Waterworld Road, received approval for two variances: a chip-seal roadway, as opposed to asphalt buildup, and a 35-foot site width as opposed to 40 feet as required by the County Subdivision Regulations.


    •  Two proposed RV parks requested variances to the County Subdivision Regulations. Both received a recommendation of approval from the Planning & Zoning Commission. Ahoy RV Resort, located on the north side of Springsteen Lane in Foley, sought variances to have greater density of 10 units/acre, when only 5.8 units/acre was allowed by the subdivision regulations based on utilizing public water and sewer. A site width variance of 27 feet was given from the required 40 feet under the County Subdivision Regulations.
  • Three lot subdivision gets approval
    • The Fugard family received a favorable recommendation to subdivide 93.45 acres, located on the east side of County Road 9 in Silverhill area, into three large lots. They plan to sell one 20 acre lot for development and keep the rest indefinitely.



Daphne City Council – June 5

  • Infirmary Health gets zoning and annexation approval 


    • Approximately 17 acres of land near the new stand-alone ER, currently under construction at the corner of Highway 90 and Highway 181, gained approval for a change in zoning from RSF (single family) to B-2a (general business alternate district). A vote on annexation into the city limits of Daphne was also approved.
  • Jubilee Farms mega subdivision zoning approved in 5-1 votePrior to the vote, Councilman Rudicell made a motion to amend the lot size from 50 feet to 60 feet, but his motion failed to get a second from the council.


    •  The 364-acre, 914-lot mega subdivision known as Jubilee Farms, off Highway 181 and Austin Road, zoning change vote was not unanimous, with Councilwoman Tommie Conaway being the sole “no” vote, and Councilman Coleman recusing himself.  
  • Daphne approves annexation north of Creekside Subdivision
    • 79 acres which was under County zoning as RSF-2 (single family) was approved to be zoned as R-3 (high density single family residential) prior to annexing into the City of Daphne. The property is located on the east side of Pollard Road.


  •  Funds appropriated for turn lanes to Sehoy and French Settlement
    • Funds from the seven-cent gas tax will fund improvements to County Road 13, to include turn lanes into Sehoy and French Settlement subdivisions.


Fairhope Planning Commission – June 5

  • Mediacom coming to Song Grove Subdivision
    • Approval of 4,650 feet of CATV cable in underground installation.


Foley City Council – June 5

  • New Developments coming to Foley 
    • Dayna Masters Pirates Cove application was approved to re-zone 19.2 acres from R-1C (residential single family) to PUD (planned unit development). The property is located at the southwest corner of County Road 24 and North Juniper Street. Plans include a future RV resort consisting of 200 units, bath house, club house, pool, splash pad, and storage building.
    • Crosby Properties application for re-zoning 4.32 acres from R-2 (residential single family & duplex) to PUD (planned unit development) was approved. The property is located between Bay Street and Poplar Street. Plans include a duplex development consisting of 19 duplexes (38 units).
    • Smart Living, LLC/Kensington Place received a PUD modification for 37.98 acres located west of Highway 90 on the south side of County Road 10. This will be a single-family development with 116 lots at 3 units per acre.
    • GCOF Arbor Walk, LLC received first-reading approval from the council to re-zone 16.66 acres from R-2 (residential single family & duplex) to R-1D (residential single family). The property is located north of County Road 12 South, east of County Road 65. The Villages at Arbor Walk would be approx. 45 single family lots.


Baldwin County Commission - June 6

  • County gives final approval for storage unit zoning change
    • Located on the west side of Highway 225 in Spanish Fort, the southernmost 6 acres of an 82 acre parcel are being re-zoned from RSF1 (single family) to RR (rural district) for the construction of climate controlled storage and boat/RV storage.



Weeks Bay Planners Group Meeting – June 6

  • Future development mapping project making progress
    • This collaborative group of city planners and stakeholders from across Baldwin County is continuing to make progress in its goal of creating a countywide mapping system consisting of future development that has been approved and/or permitted, but not yet started or completed. Details are still being worked out as to the digital platform, and access to data; possibly on a subscription basis.



Orange Beach City Council - June 6

  • Council approves major PUD modification for Pandion Ridge
    • The council voted unanimously to approve a major amendment to the Pandion Ridge PUD Master Plan for the construction of a gas station and drug store on 1.9 acres located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Canal Road and Pandion Ridge Boulevard.



Daphne City Council Work Session - June 12

  • Schools a hot topic in Daphne
    • Eddie Tyler offered another option for the council to consider in the form of a 3 mil district tax. The district tax could be a compromise to allow Daphne to raise more money within its own district, which would stay in the Daphne school feeder pattern and support Daphne schools, and allow more local control of the money. The council agreed that more information was needed before coming to any conclusions.
    • The council heard a presentation from Eddie Tyler, Baldwin County Public Schools Superintendent and his staff. They gave the council an overview on teacher training programs, lines of communication with stakeholders, academic test scores, and guided reading initiatives. But, the underlying issue was Daphne’s flirtation with breaking away from the county school system, and forming a city school. Councilman LeJeune has been a proponent of a city school system.



Gulf Shores City Council – June 12

  • Pre-zoning approved for Auburn Veterinary Education Facility 
    • Gulf Shores approved a pre-zoning change of a 26-acre site located at the northwest corner of County Road 8 East and the Foley Beach Express for the construction of the Auburn Veterinary Education Facility. Gulf Shores pre-zoned the property to ED (Education District) contingent upon the property being annexed into the city within 180 days. When completed, the site will house a 24,812-square-foot-facility, estimated to cost $10.5 million.


Fairhope City Council – June 12

  • Subdivision Moratorium Extended 


    • The council voted unanimously to extend the moratorium on new subdivision and multiple occupancy projects another 90 days. The moratorium was set to expire July 4. The reason given for the extension was to complete studies on utility capacity, sewer capacity, drainage regulations, traffic flow, etc.
  • Final approval given to Montrose PUD
    • The council unanimously approved a zoning change for property located on the west side of Adams Street to just south of Ledyard Street in Fairhope. The 53.94-acre tract is going from R-1 (low density single family residential) to PUD (planned unit development). Plans include a 77-lot subdivision with an exit onto Highway 98.



Baldwin County Commission Work Session – June 13

  • Capital Improvement Finance Program for new schools revealed
    • Baldwin County School Superintendent Eddie Tyler presented the County Commissioners with a plan for financing school construction across Baldwin County to deal with growth issues. It is a four-year, $60 million, pay-as-you-go building program. The school system already sets aside $15 million per year for new construction and remodeling. The school system financing plan would take that $15 million and use it to re-pay a four year, $60 million bank loan at 1.7% to 1.8% interest.
    • There were few details presented as to where the new school construction would be, but Eddie Tyler did acknowledge that a new elementary school was needed on the Eastern Shore 181 corridor, somewhere between Spanish Fort and Fairhope. Any new construction plans will involve re-zoning students. Look for this issue to come before the County Commission in the coming weeks. The County Commission must vote to approve the financing agreement.

Daphne Rotary Club – June 19

  • Daphne Councilman Joe Davis gives DISC update
    • Phase 1 of the 75-acre DISC (Daphne Innovation and Science Complex) consists of a 30-acre technology park with six office buildings which would total 461,000 square feet of space when completed. This development is located on the southwest corner of Highway 181 and Champions Way.
    • Daphne hopes to use this complex to attract technology related industry to the area and develop high wage jobs. Work is expected to start in the next few months with dirt moving on infrastructure development.  


Daphne City Council – June 19

  • Daphne High Rise Condominium Issue on Hold 


    • The ordinance, which would have extended the High Rise Overlay District to include lots 2 and 2a of Westbrook Commercial Park Subdivision, was withdrawn by the applicant. The applicant was proposing high rise waterfront condos. There was no public explanation for the issue being withdrawn. It is postponed until September 18, at which time it may come back on the agenda.
  • Dunmore Subdivision HOA asks for speed bumps 
    • During public participation, Mr. Johnson, a Dunmore HOA representative, explained chronic problems with speeders in the subdivision. He asked Council to consider installing speed bumps.

Orange Beach City Council – June 20

  • Dollar General Store vote postponed
    • Postponed until July 11 at request of DG group. Time needed to clarify traffic flow and correct issues council had with proposed architecture. Council wants a more attractive, coastal look, that goes beyond standard box store.


Baldwin County Commission – June 22

  • Ft. Morgan off-street parking changes discussed
    • In Planning District 25, Fort Morgan, the off-street parking (requiring two spaces per dwelling unit), has caused problems, especially with large beach homes with many bedrooms.
    • Officials hope to draft amendment that takes into consideration the ratio of number of beds and parking spaces.
    • Any zoning changes would only apply to new construction.