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Safety CE and Keynote Lunch

Date: September 30, 2020
Time: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

CE Course (Personal Security & REALTOR Safety): 9a-12p

Keynote Lunch (Identity Theft Protection & Awareness): 12:15-1:30p

This course is designed to help you understand how real estate policies and procedures, when followed carefully, can reduce your exposure, and that of your clients by showing you how to avoid the risks associated with the current marketplace.  Policies and procedures are developed to limit the chance of broker and agent liability, reduce client liability, and to reduce the potential for personal injury and property loss on the part of agents, brokers, buyers and sellers.  This is not a self-defense course, but serves to raise awareness of the risks involved in marketing real estate and how to eliminate or reduce those risks. 


Keynote lunch: Identity Theft Security & Awareness

Your identity and clients identity may be the most valuable asset you possess. Former Dept. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff under the Bush administration stated, “I'm going to submit to you that in the 21st Century, the most important asset that we have to protect as individuals and as part of our nation is the control of our identity, who we are, how we identify ourselves, whether other people are permitted to masquerade and pretend to be us, and thereby damage our livelihood, damage our assets, damage our reputation, damage our standing in our community.

And right now, every few seconds, someone’s identity is stolen because data is breached, computers are hacked, credit cards are compromised-and often, as a result, reputations are ruined. The fact is, the system we function under, combined with the conveniences of technology, is set up to fail due to flawed tech or simple scams. Dumpster divers, criminal hackers, database attackers, carders and mules are all part of organized criminal syndicates, and the work is not all done in a smoky back room anymore-they work out of cheap hotel rooms and mahogany-paneled corporate offices. Wherever it’s done, fraud and identity theft are extremely destructive to your family, your business and your clients.  Much of this can be traced back to innocent mishandling of everyday data and passwords or a simple lack of attention to basic protections._