Local Government Update, April 2019

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting   – April 1, 2019

South Fairhope Development Moving Forward

Despite opposition from residents of south Fairhope, a proposed 224-unit development received a favorable recommendation for TR (Tourist Resort District) zoning, and conditional annexation.  The request was tabled at the March meeting after residents voiced opposition.  Planning Commission members voted to delay the vote until a community involvement meeting was held between neighboring residents, and the developer. The Teacher Retirement Systems of Alabama owns the property and made the request for conditional annexation and zoning of TR (tourist resort district) of a 99.15-acre parcel located south of Twin Beech Rd. and west of S. Section St.  The property is currently un-zoned in Baldwin County. Plans for the property include a low-rise development of 225 units.  Under the definition of low-rise, a structure cannot exceed 35 feet in height.  The recommendation will now go before the city council for final approval.

Battles Trace – Phase 6 Receives Plat Approval

The Fairhope Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat for Battles Trace Phase 6, a 45-lot subdivision.  The property is located on the west side of S. Section St., approx. ½ mile north of Battles Rd.  The approval was subject to sidewalks being installed on Section St. 

Waterfront Lot Definition Changing

The Fairhope Planning Dept. requested an amendment to the defined terms of the city zoning ordinance to provide clarification for a waterfront lot.  The definition of a waterfront lot will be any lot or parcel adjacent to Mobile Bay.  The front lot line will be abutting the water. This change is being made to prevent outbuildings and other structures from being placed on the water side on lots that front the Bay, since up to now the bayside had been considered the “back yard”.


Fairhope School Attendance Re-Zoning Meeting - April 4, 2019

Dunmore and Oldfield Subdivisions Re-Zoned to Daphne; Other Lines Re-Drawn

The Baldwin County Board of Education held a meeting with parents to reveal the new plans for re-drawing the attendance zones for the Fairhope feeder patterns.  The new plans will take effect for the 2020-2021 school year.   The current Fairhope Intermediate school is being expanded to include new classrooms and a 2nd gymnasium.  When completed the student capacity for the building will be 1200 students.  This addition will allow the building to transition from a 4th -6th school to a K-6th school.  The existing elementary school on Section St. will also transition from K-3rd to K-6th.  The Fairhope feeder pattern will then be split between those two K-6th schools, as well as the existing J. Larry Newton K-6th school, starting in the fall of 2020.  Maps that depict the division between the three K-6th schools can be found on the Baldwin County Board of Education website.  There will be no grandfathering of students in the split between the three K-6th Fairhope schools.

The Dunmore and Oldfield Subdivision north of Fairhope will see the biggest changes.  They will be re-zoned to the Daphne feeder pattern.  Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, students from Oldfield Subdivision will attend Daphne East Elementary.  Students in Dunmore Subdivision will attend the new Belforest Elementary school currently under construction.   Both subdivisions will be zoned for Daphne High School.

Some limited grandfathering provisions will apply to Oldfield and Dunmore residents that reside in those subdivisions on or before 5-23-19.  Those residents who have a child in the 5th grade or above may choose to stay in the Fairhope feeder pattern, as well as any younger siblings who are currently pre-K or above. Those families choosing to stay in Fairhope schools will not be allowed to use the bus for transportation.


Baldwin County Planning Commission – April 4, 2019

Development Permits Approved

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to approve a development permit application from the Pearson family for a 4-lot subdivision of a 54.75-acre parcel.  The property is located on the north side of Hwy. 104, east of County Rd. 49, in the Silverhill area.  The property is un-zoned.

A development permit was also approved at the request of Drake Investments for a 6.97- acre property located along Taylor/Still Rd., between County Rd. 87 and Clifton White Rd.  The property is zoned RA and is being divided into 4 lots, with the smallest lot size being 1.07 acre.

Development permit approval was granted for Pinewood Subdivision at the request of Drake Investments.  The 5.96-acre property is located on County Rd. 87, .1 mile east of Burgett Lane.  Two lots are being proposed, with the smallest being 2.97 acres.  Lots will front on County Rd. 87. The property is unzoned.

Development permit approval was granted to Bishop Place. The 38.19-acre property is located on the east side of Bishop Trace, .25 miles north of Sunset Dr. in the Lillian area.  In order to facilitate a sale of the property, owners are dividing the parcel into two lots of approx. 19 acres each.  The Planning Commission also narrowly approved a variance for lot 1 to allow it to front on a private dirt road.  The property is zoned RA.


Fairhope City Council Meeting – April 8, 2019

Twin Beech Property Zoned and Annexed

The Fairhope City Council voted to approve the annexation and zoning of 18.71 acres.  The property is located on the north side of Twin Beech Rd., between Thompson Hall Rd. and County Rd. 13.  The property was un-zoned in the county.  The zoning of R-2 single family residential was approved.  Plans for the property include a 28-lot subdivision to be named Long Branch, which will connect by a through street with Sedgefield Subdivision.  The Fairhope Planning Commission heard the request at their January meeting, and gave a favorable recommendation.


Orange Beach Planning and Zoning Meeting – April 8, 2019

Bickers Acres Re-Subdivision Approved

The Orange Beach Planning Commission granted preliminary and final minor subdivision approval to KO Investments, LLC to re-subdivide 2.12 acres into four lots.  The property is located at 28670 Sampson Ave., in the RS-1 zoning district.  Three lots will have frontage on Sampson Ave.  The existing home on lot 4 is planned for demolition and will be re-developed under the RS-1 zoning.

Final Approval Delayed for Summer Salt PUD

The Summer Salt PUD, which received preliminary PUD approval in December of 2018, hit a snag with the Orange Beach Planning Commission in their application for final PUD approval.  Plans for the 42.67-acre property include 54 single family lots and 58 cottage lots.  The property is located on the north end of Summer Salt Plaza Blvd, north of the Ruby Slipper restaurant.  Planning Commission members had problems with changes to the parking design which moved overflow parking to the corner lots.  Commissioners felt this posed quality of life and safety issues with cars abutting exterior walls and blocking ingress/egress.  There were also concerns over plans that included a shower in the first-floor bathroom, which is believed to add to the potential guest count during rentals.  The application was deferred to allow developers to address concerns.

Maintenance Building Approved for The Wharf

The Orange Beach Planning Commission gave approval for a major PUD modification to The Wharf PUD Master Plan.  The modification will allow for construction of a 14,900 square foot maintenance facility.  The new facility will be located on Wharf Lane, east of Main St.  The facility will house office space and marine storage.

Site Plan Approved For Advanced Carpet Cleaning

The Orange Beach Planning Commission approved the site plan for Advanced Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to construct a 6,000 square foot commercial building.  The property is located on the south side of Canal Road, 450 feet west of the intersection of Canal Road and the Foley Beach Express, in the General Business zoning district.  The .57-acre site will house three office spaces in the front, with a warehouse in the rear.  Access will be on Canal Road, with a right in, right out turn.

RV and Boat Storage Approved in Orange Beach

 The Orange Beach Planning Commission approved a site plan for a RV and boat storage building (45’ x 144’) with six storage units.  The property is located at 4404 Money Bayou Dr., in the General Business zoning district.  There will be no outside storage. 


Robertsdale City Council Meeting – April 15, 2019

Re-Zoning Could Allow 251-Unit PUD

The Robertsdale City Council approved a re-zoning request by Lonesome Dev., LLC, out of Louisiana.  The 106-acre property is located off County Rd. 52 near the Baldwin Beach Express.  The property, which consisted of a mixture of zonings, was re-zoned to a PUD.  Any further development approvals would have to come before the Planning Commission for a recommendation and the city council for approval.  But, with the re-zoning now in place initial plans for the property may move forward.  Those plans were outlined as 70 acres of residential development, 17 acres of commercial, 17 acres of open space, and 2 acres of public space.  In total the plans could allow for 251 units. 


Baldwin County Commission Meeting – April 16, 2019

New Flood Maps in Effect

The Baldwin County Commission approved an amendment to the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.  The amendment adopts the new NFIP flood maps that went into effect on 4-19-19.  The new maps can be viewed at

New Dental Office in Lillian Receives Final Re-Zoning Approval

The Baldwin County Commission voted unanimously to approve the re-zoning of .4 acres from RSF-1 to B-1.  The property previously received a favorable recommendation from the Baldwin County Planning Commission at their March meeting.  The property is located at the northeast corner of Ickler Ave. N., and Santa Piedro St. in the Lillian area.  A new dental office is planned for the property. 


Fairhope City Council Meeting – April 22, 2019

Fairhope Council Approves Morphy Ave. Re-Zoning

The Fairhope City Council approved a request to re-zone 4.3 acres from R-2 to R-3 single family residential.  The property is located on the north side of Morphy Ave., east of Bishop Rd.  The property currently has 7 existing undeveloped lots, and 2 developed lots with single family homes on each lot.  Access will be from Morphy Ave. only. 


Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting - April 23, 2019

Favorable Recommendation for Annexation North of CR8

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission voted to give a favorable recommendation to a request by developers to annex and pre-zone property to R-1-5 residential single family.  The property is located north of County Road 8 West between Grund Lane and Viola Road.  The 42-acre parcel is currently un-zoned in the County. 

Aventura Phase 1A Moving Forward

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission granted final plat approval for Aventura Phase 1A, which will include an entry element and 13 lots.  The single-family subdivision is located south of Oak Road West.  The property is zoned PUD and includes additional phases which total over 400 lots.  Lot sizes will range from 15,000 to 20,826 square feet.

Final Plat Approved for Lagoon Estates

  Final Plat approval was granted by the Gulf Shores Planning Commission to subdivide 3.49 acres located at 1200 W. Lagoon Ave.  The division will create 11 lots which are zoned R-2 single family and duplex residential.  The Gulf Shores City Council had previously granted several wetland waivers which will allow some areas deemed low-quality wetlands to be filled, upon approval from ADEM.  Other high-quality wetland areas on the property will be preserved with a buffer and conservation easement.

East Beach Blvd. Project Site Plan Approved

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan for a 10-lot cottage subdivision to be located at 588 East Beach Blvd.  The property is zoned BT-3, and is the former Landmark East site.  The lots will front a private roadway, with a pool at the north end.  The units are anticipated to include two and three bedroom plans.  The units will each contain fire sprinkler systems.  This compromise was reached due to the drive turnaround design, which was not sufficient to accommodate an emergency fire vehicle.  At the request of the city, developers also agreed to add some architectural features to sides which front on East Beach Blvd.