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Local Government Update, January 2020

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 12:00 pm

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting - January 6, 2020

            Battles Trace – Phase VII Moving Forward

The Fairhope Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat for Battles Trace, Phase VII.  The 18.9-acre property is located on the east side of Colony Dr., just north of County Rd. 34.  The property is part of the Tourist Resort District, and will be the next phase of Battles Trace by adding 38 single family lots.


Orange Beach City Council Meeting – January 7, 2020

            Orange Beach City Council Repeals Zoning Ordinance; Enacts Moratorium

The Orange Beach City Council made a repeal of an ordinance they approved in December which removed residential use-by-right from the general business zoning District.  The Council voted to repeal the ordinance after property owners experienced difficulties in selling their property due to non-conformities which were created by the ordinance.  Due to the creation of non-conformities, tentative sales were being held up over difficulties with appraisals and financing. The City is looking at ways to avoid the creation of non-conformities as they move forward with alternatives. A 120-day moratorium on residential building permits in any general business zoning district was enacted while they re-evaluate.


Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – January 9, 2020

            Conditional Use Permit Approved for Wedding Venue in Elberta

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit request by John and Karolyn Neat to allow an event and wedding venue.  The property is located on the north side of Hwy. 98, east of Breman Rd., in the Elberta area, and is currently un-zoned.  The permit was approved with conditions relating to parking, lighting, signage, and setback requirements.

Development Permit Approved for 10 Lot Division in Silverhill

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved a development permit request for a 10-lot subdivision to be named Silver Ranch Estates.  The 49-acre property is currently un-zoned and is located at the southwestern intersection of West Blvd. and Camellia Rd., approximately .5 miles west of County Rd. 55 in Silverhill.  Lots 1-7 will front West Blvd, and lots 8-10 will front Camellia Rd.  The smallest lot size will be 3 acres.

Elsanor Property Receives Development Permit for Nine Lots

The Baldwin County Planning Commission granted a Development Permit for 19.84 acres located on the east side of Koier Rd., north of Hwy. 90 in Elsanor.  The property is un-zoned. The property is being subdivided into nine lots which will front on Koier Rd., a county maintained paved road.  The smallest residential lot size will be .77 acres.


Fairhope City Council Meeting – January 13, 2020

            Fairhope Council Approves Purchase of Clock Corner

The Fairhope City Council approved the purchase of what is know as the “clock corner” at the intersection of Fairhope Ave. and Section St.  The small parcel, which is only 26’ x 60’, has a purchase price of $525,000. The cost is being split between the City of Fairhope and the Fairhope Single Tax Colony.   The purchase is being done as an effort to preserve the corner space as public property and was prompted by the development plans for a boutique hotel on the remainder of the corner site. 


Baldwin County Commission Meeting – January 21, 2020

            New Standards Adopted for Mini-Warehouses/Office Warehouses

The Baldwin County Commission voted to adopt proposed ordinance amendments that will expand the number of zoning designations where mini-warehouse facilities will be established, and provide procedures and standards for review.  Those standards would include obtaining a land use certificate prior to a building permit, establish a minimum land area of three acres, roadway and driveway specifications, and a 30-foot landscape buffer.  The facades which are visible from a public right-of-way will require construction of masonry, wood, or other material which presents a pleasing appearance.  Additional requirements call for fencing, lighting, and other design and use specifications.

Re-Zonings Approved to Facilitate Sale

The Baldwin County Commission approved the re-zoning of 3.46 acres located on the north and south sides of Collier Rd., east of County Rd. 93.  The property is part of a larger 4.52-acre tract that is currently zoned RSF-1.  There are currently multiple structures on the property which were built prior to zoning being enacted.  Those structures include three duplexes, three single family dwellings, and a barn.  When zoning was later enacted it essentially made the structures non-conformities. The re-zoning will change the center and eastern portions to RTF-4, the western portion would remain RSF-1, and the second and third parcels on the south side of Collier Rd. would be re-zoned to RSF-2.  The re-zonings will match what the current uses, and address non-conformity issues to allow the individual dwelling units to be sold.

RSF-4 Re-Zoning Approved for 91-Lot Sarah Farms, Phase II

The Baldwin County Commission voted to re-zone 26 acres from RSF-1 to RSF-4.  The property is located on the north side of County Rd. 12 South, between Magnolia Springs Highway and Sherman Rd.  The request was made in order to complete a 91-lot residential subdivision to be known as Sarah Farms, Phase II.  The preliminary plat for Sarah Farms, Phase II was originally approved in 2007, which was prior to the adoption of zoning in that area.  One extension was granted, but construction took place on a sporadic basis and only 50% of the improvements were installed.  When zoning took effect in that area, the property was zoned R-1.  Given the fact that the subdivision was previously approved, and due to the fact that some construction had been completed, RSF-4 was approved to allow for the area and dimensional requirements from the original approval.


Fairhope Greeno Road Overlay Dist. Special Meeting – January 22, 2020

            Details Still Changing on Greeno Corridor Overlay District Plan

The Fairhope Planning Commission held a special roundtable meeting for the public and property owners to discuss the latest changes to the Greeno Corridor Overlay District Plan.  The city staff provided a revised first draft document, yet stressed that this is a fluid document, and may undergo more revisions before being presented for a vote.  The current moratorium on all re-zonings, multiple occupancy permits, and site plan review along the corridor remains in effect until May 2020. The complete presentation packet can be found on the City of Fairhope website here:


Daphne Planning Commission Meeting - January 23, 2020

            Plat Approvals Granted for Daphne Subdivisions

The Daphne Planning Commission approved final plat review for Winged Foot, Phase III, contingent upon stabilizing common areas/landscaping.  The property is located northeast of Edgewood Dr. and County Rd. 64 in Daphne.  Phase III will contain 67 residential lots on 15 acres.

The Daphne Planning Commission also approved preliminary plat review for Jubilee Farms, Phases 9 and 15.  Jubilee Farms is located on the ease side of Hwy. 181, southeast of Austin Rd.  Phase 9 will house 31 lots on 10.74 acres.  Phase 15 will house 31 lots on 11.28 acres.


Gulf Shores City Council Meeting – January 27, 2020         

            Gulf Shores Votes to Further Restrict Times for Construction

The Gulf Shores City Council responded to citizen complaints about early morning construction noise by further restricting the times allowed for construction.  Previously the ordinance restricted construction in residential areas between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.  The new ordinance will further restrict those hours to between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., and will be applied city wide and include the police jurisdiction as well as the city limits.  The new changes will become effective 2-3-2020.

Airport Lease Agreement Approved in Gulf Shores

The Gulf Shores City Council approved a lease agreement between the Airport Authority of the City of Gulf Shores and Allen Air, LLC.  Allen Air, LLC will lease .72 acres of land located in the southwest corporate aircraft storage site in order to construct a 11,200 square foot hanger facility for the storage of individual aircraft.  The lease rate will be $0.24 per square foot per year, for an annual rent of $7,527.00.  The lease term is 40 years, and the rent will be escalated every five years by CPI or 3% per year compounded annually.


Fairhope City Council Meeting – January 27, 2020

            Live Oaks Estates PUD Granted Approval by Fairhope Council

After several times before the Planning Commission and City Council, adjustments were made by developers that satisfied the City Council by reducing the density.  The Council voted to approve a re-zoning change for 38 acres from RA to PUD.  This change will allow the development of Live Oaks Estates, a 76-lot residential subdivision.  The property is located at the southwest corner of Bay Meadows Ave. and Hwy. 181.  A 4.3-acre parcel that borders Hwy. 181 is reserved as a futures commercial parcel, which will require future site plan review.


Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – January 28, 2020

            Re-Zoning Approved for Free Standing Emergency Dept. & Medical Offices

The City of Gulf Shores approved the re-zoning of 11.48 acres the city owns located generally at the intersection of E. 2nd St. and Hwy. 59, south of Cotton St.  The property was previously surplus land from the FAA.  It lies outside of the Jack Edwards Airport fenced area, and all FAA restrictions were lifted when the property was deeded to the city in 2015.  The re-zoning changes the property from IND (industrial) to BA (arterial business).  The property will be the site of a free-standing emergency department, with room for future medical offices.  This is part of the Vision 2025 plan for the city to provide direct access to citizens to emergency and medical care. Roadway improvements are also planned for the area to coincide with construction.

Extensions Granted for Future Developments

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved two preliminary plat extensions for developments.  The Village at Craft Farms received a two-year preliminary plat extension for Phase II.  When Phase II is completed this will add 163 lots on 58 acres located on the south side of Coastal Gateway Blvd, west of Craft Farms North.  Developers stated that Phase I is almost complete, and an additional two years is needed to finish Phase II.

Osprey Landing, Phase II also received a two-year preliminary plat extension.  The property is located on the south side of Coastal Gateway Blvd., west of Crimson Rd. The property has recently sold to a new developer. When complete, Phase II will have 25 lots on 9.12 acres.