2021 Membership Committees

2021 Membership Committees

 Baldwin Realtors has created these committees to enrich the membership through opportunities of growth, education, networking opportunities, and community investment.


  • Brenda Schmucker - Chair
  • Jennifer Buxton - Staff Liaison

To develop new awards for special recognition of members and to choose annual awards for outstanding service to the association. Responsibility to vet nominations to have the best candidates chosen.  Plan and coordinate with staff the Awards Function for the year.


  • Lydia Franz - Chair      
  • Allison Woodham - Staff Liaison                              

Develops the involvement of commercial real estate practioners by expanding the benefits and services offered by the Association.  Will explore ideas for certification for commercial by NAR for the association, special education and oversight of the Commercial MLS partnership with Gulf Coast Commercial MLS.

Community Service

  • Rachel Romash - Chair      
  • Kayla Sanders - Staff Liaison                                           

To find, select, and support projects that involve the membership to benefit the community. This could include fundraising efforts, service days, drives etc., focusing on those issues and needs which highlight real estate. To ensure the Core Standards requirements for the Association are met each year.


  • Anne Dorman - Chair    
  • Jennifer Buxton - Staff Liaison                                      

The Events Committee shall be responsible for development of networking and social events for the REALTORS®. They shall also be responsible for reviewing and updating current & future calendar events. Evaluate and enhance networking events to promote REALTOR® development, relationship building, and professionalism for all members serving the different regions and markets of Baldwin County.

Finance Committee

  • Ron Stewart - Chair  
  • Leanne Murray - Staff Liaison                               

To oversee the financial affairs of the Association. Annually assists the staff in preparation of the association and MLS budget and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. *Requirements to serve on Finance Committee – must meet at least one of the following:

  1. Served on the BCAR Board of Directors
  2. Served as a committee chair
  3. Membership for at least 5 years
  4. Hold a professional certification:  Financial Banker, Planner or CPA


  • Brian Britt - Chair  
  • Jennifer Foutch - Staff Liaison                                             

To continue to monitor all forms and agreements provided by the Association on behalf of its members to support their efforts in the practice of Real Estate.

Government and Political Affairs- Baldwin County

  • Mary Jane Owen - Chair          
  • Jennifer Foutch - Staff Liaison                            

Must be willing to be in the eyes and ears of the Association by staying abreast of federal, state and local legislation affecting real estate. Be willing to travel to Montgomery to represent BCAR at AAR during called or scheduled meetings. Provide a verbal or written report back to the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled BOD meetings. Stays abreast of federal, state and local legislation affecting real estate within the Baldwin County community. Organizes appropriate association action to ensure the enactment of sound legislation. To be willing to attend local planning and zoning, town hall, insurance, election and school board meetings on a regular basis to keep aware of agendas being proposed that could have unforeseen effect on the real estate industry, private property rights and our membership. Quarterly written reports to be submitted to the Board of Directors. In addition, to coordinate and schedule any candidate forums to educate our members and to recommend candidates for monetary support.

Grievance (Membership Limited to REALTORS®)

  • Susan Bibby - Chair        
  • Sheila Dodson - Staff Liaison                                                                        

The Grievance Committee acts as “Grand Jury” to review all alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and request for arbitration of business disputes from the public or members regarding alleged violation of the Code of Ethics. Must have minimum three years of experience in order to qualify for serving and attend annual training.


MLS Committee (Membership Limited to REALTORS®)

  • Kristina Halfacre - Chair  
  • Jay Jennings - Staff Liaison                                            

To oversee the operations of the MLS system to include enforcement of the Rules and Regulations of the MLS. Works closely with BCAR staff and the vendor. Ensures technology is utilized and the members have all the tools and resources needed to be successful and profitable in their businesses. Task forces may be created for special projects.

Nominating (Membership Limited to Past BOD and Presidents)

  • Stephen Roberts - Chair
  • Sheila Dodson - Staff Liaison                                         

Per Section 4, election of officers and directors (Bylaws of the Baldwin County Association of REALTORS®, Inc.) The Nominating Committee shall select one candidate for each office and one candidate for each place to be filled on the Board of Directors. Nomination slate shall be mailed to each member eligible to vote at least 3 weeks preceding the election. Additional candidates for offices to be filed may be placed in nomination by petition signed by at least 10% of the REALTOR® members eligible to vote. The petition to be filed with the CSF at least two weeks before the election.

Ombudsman Committee

  • Joe Mansolino -Chair
  • Sheila Dodson - Staff Liaison

Provides REALTORS® and consumers with enhanced communications and initial problem-solving regarding misunderstandings and problems between members and the customers they serve.

Professional Development

  • Renee Marshall - Chair
  • Allison Woodham - Staff Liaison                                    

To work closely with BCAR Education Coordinator to organize, plan, promote, and conduct a comprehensive program of educational opportunities, seminars, and CE course for Association members. Focus to be on Professionalism, Code of Ethics, and member career advancement.

  1. Develop Training and Mentoring Programs for New Agents
  2. Develop specific courses for social media and technology training
  3. Offer non-CE courses to increase members’ technological expertise and (Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Dropbox and MLS Syndication)

Professional Standards (Membership Limited to REALTORS®)

  • Larry Chason - Chair      
  • Sheila Dodson - Staff Liaison                                  

For the careful and fair enforcement of the Code of Ethics through the hearing of cases involving unethical conduct complaints against members. Hold arbitration hearings. Keeps members informed on the Code of Ethics. Note: Must have served on the Grievance Committee for a minimum of two years to be eligible to serve on the Professional Standards committee.


  • Jake DeVantier - Chair 
  • Jennifer Buxton - Staff Liaison

To work closely with the BCAR President, Board of Directors and AE to establish an outline a plan for educating the membership on the importance of contributing to ARPAC, what ARPAC does for the Real Estate industry and private property rights. To plan several different fundraisers to help raise money toward achieving 100% of the BCAR ARPAC goal as determined by AAR and NAR.


Upcoming Events

Virtual CE: Talk Nerdy to Me
June 22, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Virtual CE: Credit and Credit Scoring
June 30, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm