Local Government Update, January 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Baldwin County Planning & Zoning Commission - January 3, 2019

Spanish Fort Re-Zoning Recommended to Facilitate Sale

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to give a favorable recommendation to re-zone 5 acres from RSF-E to RR to allow for the continued use and expansion of the existing mini warehouse storage facility and residential use.  The property is located at 31756 Buzbee Rd., outside of Spanish Fort. The existing use was in place prior to the land coming into zoning.  Owners are seeking to sell the property and want the zoning to match the usage.


Fairhope Planning Commission - January 7, 2019

Townhomes Approved for Fly Creek PUD Property

The Fairhope Planning Commission gave multiple occupancy approval for The Highland at Fairhope Village, a multiple occupancy project located on the north side of Fly Creek Ave., east of the Publix Shopping Center. The original Fly Creek PUD was created in 2006.  The master plan included the 240 apartments which are now under construction.  In addition, the master plan allowed for 90 townhomes.  Amendments were made to reduce the number of townhomes to 77.  Plans also include extending Parker Rd. through the townhomes. 

Sedgefield Subdivision Residents Unhappy About Twin Beech Rd. Zoning Request

Residents of Sedgefield Subdivision appeared at the Fairhope Planning Commission to voice concerns over the possible zoning of 18.7 acres located on the north side of Twin Beech Rd., between County Rd. 13 and Thompson Hall Rd.  The property is currently in un-zoned Baldwin County.  Developers are seeking to establish initial zoning of R-2 medium density single family residential, conditioned upon annexation into the City of Fairhope with plans to develop a 28-lot subdivision.  The Fairhope Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation for the R-2 zoning, despite voiced opposition from Sedgefield residents who have concerns over connectivity into Sedgefield, increased traffic, and fear of lesser value homes being built.  City staff stated that connectivity between the new development and Sedgefield must be allowed since it is a public right of way.


Orange Beach City Council – January 8, 2019

Sunset Park PUD Granted Major Modification

Sunset Park LLC was granted approval of a major PUD modification to change the proposed development from a single-family condominium development with 60 units to a single-family residential subdivision with 44 lots. The property is located on the north side of Canal Road at the northwest corner of the intersection of Canal Road and Cypress Street. A mobile home park has previously occupied the property.


Orange Beach Planning Commission – January 14, 2019

Broken Sound Gain Favorable Re-Zoning Recommendation

Dewberry Engineering, on behalf of Charles W. Daniel requested PUD approval for 7.5 acres currently zoned RM-2.  The property is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Lauder Lane and Pelican Place.  Proposals include a 40-lot single family development with homes ranging from 2,300-2,800 square feet.  Due to the low-lying area, all lots will be elevated by fill dirt and have a drainage plan that would re-route all water to the north. Truland Homes was named as the builder, of the slab on grade homes.  If the re-zoning is approved by the city council, the development is expected to limit rentals to six months or more.  The Broken Sound PUD is part of a larger 33-acre tract that will also contain one commercial lot, five residential lots, and two conservation areas. No plans have been disclosed yet for the commercial lot.  The request will move to the city council for a final decision.

Side Yard Setback Rules Could Change for Some Canal Road Lots

 The Orange Beach Planning Commission gave a favorable recommendation to the City Council for a Zoning Text Amendment to amend Section 4.03 of the Zoning Ordinance, Minimum Setbacks, to modify the side yard setbacks for lots with side yards abutting Canal Road east of Alabama Highway 161.  The current setback for properties abutting Canal Road is 30 feet.  If passed by the city council, the side yard setback would be reduced to 20 feet for properties east of Hwy. 161.  The change is being considered to provide property owners with more buildable area.  City Planners do not anticipate any future widening of Canal Road east of Hwy. 161.


Fairhope Department Head Roundtable – January 14, 2019

New Fairhope Projects Discussed

The Director’s Roundtable is an informal meeting of the Mayor and city department heads that occurs before the regular city council work session meetings begin.  Several new projects were discussed for the city which are outlined below:                                                                                         

*Whitney Bank is opening a branch directly across from the Fairhope Post Office on Fairhope Ave.  The existing building, which now houses a cell repair and photography business, will be renovated and is expected to have a stucco exterior.  The branch will not have a drive-thru.

*AT&T will be running fiber cable through Quail Creek Subdivision in the existing utility easement. AT&T is required to repair damage to private property yards and landscaping.

*Sidewalk connectivity projects approved include running sidewalks along County Road 13 from Sedgefield Subdivision to the Soccer Complex.  Sidewalks are also planned for sections of Twin Beech Rd. running to Hwy. 98 and to the east of Hwy. 98.

*A roundabout is coming to the intersection of County Road 13 and Twin Beech Rd. in Fairhope.  An intergovernmental agreement with Baldwin County and the City of Fairhope is making the project possible.  This should help ease traffic congestion during the school time rush.


Orange Beach City Council – January 15, 2019

Performing Arts Center Agreement Finalized

The Orange Beach City Council voted to finalize an agreement with the Baldwin County Board of Education at their January 15th city council meeting.  Under the terms of the agreement the City of Orange Beach will spend $7.23M out of the city general operating budget to fund the construction of the performing arts portion of the new Orange Beach Middle/High School.  The 700- seat performing arts center will be on the new school property, and be built by contractor Sharp Inc.  Under the terms of the contact the city will have control of the building outside of school hours, and priority of use, second to school functions.


Baldwin County Commission – January 15, 2019

Daphne Intersection Re-Zoned for Commercial Development

The northeast corner of the Daphne intersection of County Rd. 64 and County Rd. 13 received final approval from the Baldwin County Commission to re-zone 8.74 acres from RSF-2 to B-1. This will allow for the construction of four, 5,000 square foot office buildings on the site.   

Dorgan Property in Point Clear Re-Zoned After Compromise Reached

The Baldwin County Commission gave final approval for the re-zoning of 1.04 acres located on the east side of Scenic Hwy. 98, just south of County Road 32, from B-2 to RSF-2.  The compromise to re-zone the property to RSF-2 came after an initial application for RSF-4 received heavy criticism during the public hearing from Point Clear residents who did not want a precedent set for the smaller RSF-4 lots in Point Clear.  Rather than risk denial, the applicants chose to amend their request to R-2. The R-2 designation will allow residential development of two lots.  An adjoining parcel on the corner of Scenic Hwy. 98 and County Road 32 will remain B-2.


Foley Planning Commission – January 16, 2019

Preliminary Approval Granted to 167-Lot Rosewood Subdivision in Foley

The Foley Planning Commission granted a request for Preliminary Approval of Rosewood Subdivision which consists of 64.32 acres and 167 lots. The property is located S. of County Rd. 20 and E. of County Rd. 65. The applicant is GCOP Arbor Walk LLC/Cotton Bayou Development, LLC.  Two entrances for the subdivision are planned for County Road 65, and there will be connectivity with River Side Subdivision.

Quail Landing Granted Preliminary Approval for 108-lot Subdivision in Foley

Quail Landing was granted preliminary approval by the Foley Planning Commission for Quail Landing, a 39.65 acre and 108 lot development. The property is located at the NE corner of S. Pecan St. and Lay Ln. The applicant was Breland Homes Coastal, LLC.

Planning Commission Grants Favorable Recommendation for 169-acre Re-Zoning

The Foley Planning Commission voted to send a favorable recommendation to the City Council to rezone 169.28 acres. The property is currently zoned GPH1 (Residential Garden Patio Homes) and R-1C (Residential Single Family). The proposed zoning is PUD (Planned Unit Development). The property is located W. of the Foley Beach Express and S. of Keller Rd.  The applicant is Southern Lifestyle Development. 


Fairhope City Council – January 28, 2019

Highway 104 Zoning and Annexation Request Delayed

A request to establish R-1 zoning concurrent with annexation in the City of Fairhope from A.I.C. Jr. Land A.I. Corte, III Family Limited Partnership, to be known as North Hills at Fairhope, was temporarily tabled at the owner’s request.  The proposed development is generally located on the north side of State Highway 104, approximately ½ mile east of County Road 13. A 112-lot subdivision was being planned for the 96-acre site.  At the same time, a separate request to establish zoning and annexation for property of Billie, LLC located in the same area, but on the south side of State Highway 104, was withdrawn from further consideration at the owner’s request.   

Lawrence Road Zoning and Annexation Gains Final Approval

The Fairhope City Council gave final approval for R-2 zoning concurrent with annexation into the city for property located on the west side of Lawrence Road, approximately ¼ mile north of Gayfer Ave.  The 53-acre property was previously un-zoned and unincorporated Baldwin County.  Future development of the property would allow for 75’ lot widths and could have potential access points with Lawrence Road, Blueberry Lane, and/or North Station Subdivision.